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Our Service Department is Based on the Belief that the Customer is Number One

Many large companies today intentionally insert "Loopholes" in their contracts that get away from servicing elevators on a monthly basis.  They say "periodical visits", which translated means maybe we will get there monthly or quarterly or semi-annually or when they break down!!!!

American Elevator, Inc. believes that the only way to reduce or eliminate trouble calls is to have a strict preventative maintenance program.  A program that requires consistent regular monthly visits to each unit, consisting of scheduled inspections and replacement of worn parts, thus reducing the potential for future problems.  Proper maintenance of elevator car tops and pit areas, and machine room equipment is essential!  On each visit we check and document in the machine room the following :

  • Emergency phone

  • Alarm bell

  • Door safety edge / photo eyes / infra red edge

  • All car / hall buttons and lights

  • All hall and car position indicators

  • All hall and car lanterns

  • Phase I / Phase II fire service

  • Hydro oil level

  • Pit overflow can and pit equipment.  (sweep pit if necessary)

  • Floor levels, up and down at all floors

  • Car top equipment including door belts

  • Door operation at all floors

  • Machine room equipment

  • Examine error logs if available

  • Lube all moving parts as required

  • and much more.

Indiana law requires monthly checks of both the hydraulic oil tank levels and fire service performed by a licensed elevator mechanic.  We meet this need!  Any observed problems are corrected immediately for free, if applicable under the maintenance contract.

With this approach towards each unit, we take a proactive stance to reduce down time and maintain efficiency, while providing cost effective pricing for our customer.

Our Customers are # 1.  Whether you have a "Standard Oil and Grease" contract or "Full Maintenance" covering parts and labor, all customers are treated with the same consistent professional care.

                                           Give us a call today!      877-799-6780

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