Non-proprietary Controllers

We offer advanced non-proprietary elevator controllers designed to revolutionize your building's elevator systems. Our range includes Smart Rise Controllers and Alpha Controllers, tailored to enhance the functionality your elevators.

Smart Rise Controllers

Elevate your elevator’s intelligence with Smart Rise Controllers. These systems are engineered for seamless integration, enhancing the management and efficiency of your elevator operations. With Smart Rise, expect reliable performance and a smooth, efficient service tailored to modern demands.

Alpha Controllers

Experience the future of elevator management with Alpha Controllers. These systems are built for adaptability, featuring advanced diagnostics that provide superior control and monitoring. The Alpha Controllers ensure your elevators operate at peak performance with enhanced user safety and system responsiveness.

Why Choose Our Non-proprietary Controllers?

Choosing our non-proprietary controllers means opting for flexibility and advanced technology. These controllers are compatible with various elevator systems, making them ideal for both new installations and upgrades. The non-proprietary nature ensures that you are not locked into specific companies for parts and services, providing cost-effective maintenance and upgrades.

For more information about our innovative non-proprietary controllers, or to inquire about integrating these systems into your building, please contact us directly. Trust American Elevator, Inc. to provide cutting-edge solutions that bring your elevator systems into the modern age.